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What Our Clients Say!!
Brett Bowman
Founder, Suncrest Capital
Reed Goossens
CEO, RSN Property Group
Vikram Ray
CEO, Viking Capital
We Serve
Whether you are an established company with existing process or an individual looking to venture into real estate, we have tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.
Investment Firms
Investment Firms
Support investment firms with underwriting, building waterfalls, market research, and investor decks.
We serve lenders by providing them with detailed loan underwriting, and risk evaluation, and helping them make informed decisions.
Assisting developers with custom financial models, forecasts and keeping track of proforma throughout the development process.
Brokers & PM Groups
Brokers & PM Groups
Empowering them with valuable market insights and comprehensive property analysis, driving success and growth in real estate.
What Suits You Best !!
Customisable Plans
Build and expand your team with an analyst who is dedicated to you and available for your full-time needs.
This is suitable for you if you don’t need a full-time analyst and have limited but regular work. Part-time analysts work usually half capacity of the full-time analyst.
The quarter-time analyst works usually a quarter of the time of a full-time analyst.
If you don’t have a regular flow of work and you need someone to work for you on a need basis, then we also work on either an hourly or per-project basis.
Why Us
At RealVal, we pride ourselves on combining our extensive industry expertise, a team of highly skilled analysts, and a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients at fraction of the cost. By partnering with us, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate sector.
Our analysts undergo rigorous training and stay updated with the latest industry trends, ensuring that you receive accurate, reliable, and insightful analysis. We understand the nuances and complexities of real estate, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that address your specific needs. With RealVal as your outsourcing partner, you can confidently navigate the competitive landscape, make informed decisions, and unlock new opportunities for success in the dynamic real estate market. While we help with these services, you’ll have adequate time to focus on other value-adding tasks.


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