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Real Estate Back-office Support

Make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage with RealVal!

We are a Real Estate Outsourcing Company, providing expert insights and analysis to help real estate businesses optimize their operations and make informed decisions in this constantly evolving market. Our team of experienced professionals empowers organizations to unlock the value of analysis, streamline processes, and achieve their strategic goals.

Our expertise is utilized by CRE investors, syndicators, developers, lenders, brokers, & more. Whether you are an established company with existing processes or an individual looking to venture into real estate, we have tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our services encompass various aspects of real estate, including financial analysis, acquisition and disposition underwriting, budgeting & forecasting, waterfall modelling, pitch deck creation, & more. By entrusting RealVal with your real estate requirements, you can confidently delegate these tasks to our expert team, freeing up your time to focus on other value-adding activities that drive your business forward.

Services Offered

Real Estate Analysis & Asset Management


Reed Goossens - Founder, RSN Property Group
Chris Huffman_edited.jpg

Christopher Huffman,
AIM Capital (Owner)

I’ve been working with RealVal on building new underwriting models for our multifamily investment group along with retrofitting our older ones and I’ve been so impressed! Their analysts not only understand the terminology & financial structure of the projects, but they’ve also been able to help make them better. I highly recommend RealVal to anybody looking for rock-solid help with your company’s finances!


Jason Stubblefield
SNS Capital Partners

RealVal has helped my business immensely.  From the moment I spoke with them, I was impressed with their level of professionalism and knowledge of commercial real estate.  I was able to leverage some of their underwriting ideas and they were quickly able to understand our underwriting model.  Since working with them, I have integrated them as part of my team and they will continue to be valuable to my company's growth.

Brett Bowman_edited.jpg

Brett Bowman,
Suncrest Capital (Partner)

RealVal has been a key part of our ability to scale and review more deals. They have a thoughtful, and thorough approach to underwriting and pull in demographic data to give the bigger picture of the deal.


Jay Degel,
Degel Properties (COO)

As the COO of Degel Properties' accuracy and precision are vital to every deal we review for acquisition. The experts at RealVal have proven time after time their ability to accurately assess a property's value and create a comprehensive underwriting complete with an in-depth market survey. Outsourcing this work allows our team to focus on other responsibilities and maximizes efficiency. I highly recommend the team at RealVal.

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